Artificial Intelligence

Discover the future of Open Source

Artificial Intelligence ruptures the boundary between data and software

Is this a seismic shift for the Open Source Definition?

OSI dives deep into the topics shaping the future of open source business, ethics and practice with a new kind of event. We’ll help OSI stakeholders frame a conversation to discover what’s acceptable for AI systems to be “Open Source.”

The event consists of three parts, spread over multiple weeks during which we’ll release interviews with experts to stimulate online conversations, concluded by live panels leading to a published report.


Why focus on AI now

The traditional view of open source code implementing AI algorithms may not be sufficient to guarantee inspectability and replicability of the AI systems. Algorithms are deciding who stays in jail or which customers deserve credit to buy a house. More kinds of “autonomous” systems are appearing so fast that government regulators are rushing to define policies.


Why it’s important to open source

The open source movement has shaped conversations during the emergence of the internet, driving decisions around cryptography and security, content rights management and patents on software. It’s time to sharpen the collective knowledge to assess the impact of these emerging technologies.


Target audience

This event will reach OSI’s top stakeholders: the legal community, product and engineering teams at corporations, and organizations and nonprofits representing wider civil society.

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Structure of the Deep Dive

Fathom I

A podcast (4-6 episodes) clustered around AI. We’re interviewing experts from academia, legal experts, policy makers, developers of commercial applications and non-profits. The podcast series will be released starting in late Q2/early Q3.

Fathom II

An online event where experts and the wider community meet to put their heads together on the legal, commercial and governmental aspects of these questions. The panel will happen early Q4.

Fathom III

A report with the findings of these discussions to help the community understand the new challenges and opportunities for the open source movement posed by AI. The report will be published during Q4.