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Four experts in four online conversations will further dissect the issues posed by AI systems to the Open Source communities and society as a whole.

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October 11 – 13 – 18 – 20

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A focus on legal aspects, from what is copyrightable as output of AI (the images produced by DALL-E or the code snippets from Copilot) in the current legal systems. We’ll better understand concepts like the right to data mining, what are the gray areas for redistribution of training datasets, pre-trained models and other artifacts of AI.


Open Source software started in academic circles, and AI is not different. How are academics sharing datasets and models? What do they need to be able to replicate experiments and improve on their knowledge? What legal obstacles do they find? What social norms prevent collaboration?


AI impacts everyday life. Open Source software is supposed to help generate local economies, distribute knowledge, reduce dependence on foreign corporations, stimulate competition and prevent monopolies. What can we do to balance the power of corporations in AI? How can the society as a whole maintain control of AI systems?


Explore the business models in AI, what’s foreseeable to collaborate on datasets, models and other artifacts of AI/ML. What should be the rules of engagement for fair competition, what areas are the most challenging, what experience from the Open Source movement can be taken to work on AI components, what challenges and limitations can be foreseen.