Copyright, selfie monkeys, the hand of God

Deep Dive: AI
Deep Dive: AI
Copyright, selfie monkeys, the hand of God

What are the copyright implications for AI? Can artwork created by a machine register for copyright? These are some of the questions we answer in this episode of Deep Dive: AI, an Open Source Initiative that explores how Artificial Intelligence impacts the world around us. Here to help us unravel the complexities of today’s topic is Pamela Chestek, an Open Source lawyer, Chair of the OSI License Committee, and OSI Board member.

She is an accomplished business attorney with vast experience in free and open source software, trademark law, and copyright law, as well as in advertising, marketing, licensing, and commercial contracting. Pamela is also the author of various scholarly articles and writes a blog focused on analyzing existing intellectual property case law. She is a respected authority on the subject and has given talks concerning Open Source software, copyright, and trademark matters.

In today’s conversation, we learn the basics of copyright law and delve into its complexities regarding open source material. We also talk about the line between human and machine creations, whether machine learning software can be registered for copyright, how companies monetize Open Source software, the concern of copyright infringement for machine learning datasets, and why understanding copyright is essential for businesses. We also learn about some amazing AI technology that is causing a stir in the design world and hear some real-world examples of copyright law in the technology space.

Tune in today to get insider knowledge with expert Pamela Chestek! Full transcript.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction and a brief background about today’s guest, Pamela Chestek.
  • Complexities regarding copyright for materials created by machines.
  • Interesting examples of copyright rejection for non-human created materials.
  • An outline of the standards required to register material for copyright.
  • Hear a statement still used as a standard today made by the US copyright office in 1966.
  • The fine line between what a human being is doing versus what the machine is doing.
  • Learn about some remarkable technology creating beautiful artwork.
  • She explains the complexities of copyright for art created by software or machines.
  • We find out if machine learning software like SpamAssassin can register for copyright.
  • Reasons why working hard, time, and resources do not meet copyright requirements.
  • A discussion around the complexities of copyright concerning Open Source software.
  • Pamela untangles the nuance of copyright when using datasets for machine learning.
  • Common issues that her clients experience who are using machine learning.
  • Whether AI will be a force to drive positive or negative change in the future.
  • A rundown of some real-world applications of AI.
  • Why understanding copyright law is essential to a company’s business model.
  • How companies make money by creating Open Source software.
  • The move by big social media companies to make their algorithm Open Source.
  • A final takeaway message that Pamela has for listeners.

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